Turn-key solutions

We specialise in turnkey solutions, and the vast majority of our clients opt for this project methodology. It means that once costs have been agreed and planning permission confirmed, we’ll will manage every aspect of your development.

We’ll draw up full specifications according to your precise requirements, and draft architectural and engineering drawings. We’ll then carry out and project manage all construction activities, ensuring compliance with planning conditions and with the technical requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Turn-key solutions are very efficient and cost-effective and ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout the development process. We even take care of client handover, complete with keys and all relevant paperwork.

Build to Order

Our Build to Order service is similar to a turn-key solution but is designed to match the needs of private individuals undertaking their own design and build projects.

Sustainability / Code for Sustainable Homes

For most new build projects, planning consent will come with a condition specifying the required Code level that must be achieved.


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In most cases, this will be Code level 3 – 5, and we have extensive experience of complying with this condition. Throughout the project we will we create documents and manuals, register the site with the Considerate Constructor Scheme, and install energy saving devices and solar panels.

We’ll also install  as well as bird boxes, hedgehog holes, water butts, compost butts, washing lines, flow rate restrictors and other energy saving appliances. We work closely with the assessor throughout the project, to ensure full compliance and gain certification at project completion.


Commitment to quality lies at the core of our business. It underpins everything from our people and processes, right through to project handover. By ensuring outstanding quality at every stage, we seek to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients.

Design and Specifications

We have a panel of trusted architects and engineers with whom we have collaborated on a diverse range of projects.

We like to get involved early in the design process, because sometimes it takes the experienced eye of a builder to identify opportunities to add greater value by altering room layout. With a keen eye for design, and we always seek to utilise the latest innovations in construction and materials technologies.

We pay particular attention to finish, and our experience of constructing high-end apartments and houses means we can offer expert advice on achieving the optimal balance between quality and value. When defining specifications, we’ll compile a detailed listing based on the specified budget, and this will be documented for the client and end user. It’s also a valuable component of sales brochures and legal documents.

Our interior design service can also add value to a project, and by passing on discounts on the purchase of interior furnishings, this add-on service can pay for itself.


Competitive pricing

All quotations are compiled by qualified quantity surveyors working to a defined process that leaves no room for guesswork. Quotations clearly itemise every element of a project to produce precise costs.